Farmaajo Arrives In Abu Dhabi Amidst Growing Discontent On UAE In Somalia

President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed Farmaajo arrived in Abu Dhabi on Sunday evening for a series of talks with United Arab Emirates.

According to a tweet by Farmaajo his visit in the oil rich gulf state is to conduct “bilateral talks”.

Back home however Somalis on Twitter were fired up with anti sentiments criticising the gulf state of destabilising the country.

A hashtag #UAEHandsOffSomalia was trending on Sunday.

Somalis are accusing Abu Dhabi of signing recent agreements with Somaliland and Puntland wiyhout consent from Mogadishu.

“We will not accept UAE coming to our country to conduct proxy wars between Egypt, Ethiopia, Yemen Saudi etc” Adam Matan tweeted.

Abdi Addow tweeted “We do not accept empty words like investment and economic development there is roles, law and way to do”.

“Whoever brought federalism to us wanted us to suffer for another 27 plus years and now UAE is adding fuel to that fire” Abdifatah Hassan Ali tweeted.

Tagging the President and information minister Ahmed vision tweeted “Somali people have spokenI hope UAE will reconsider their interests in Somalia”.

“UAE  has a history of supporting rebel groups and dividing goverents and people through mere projects and aid disguise” Abdilnor Dahir tweeted.

” As we condemn #UAEHandsOffSomalia we should equally take into account Siilanyo and Gaas by unilaterally signing such deals” Mohamed Dubo added his voice in the hashtag.

Farmaajo’s statement was not specific on the agenda of the  bilateral talks but his visit follows a recent one to Saudi Arabia where he had reportedly requested Riyadh to arbitrate the UAE-Somalia diplomatic row.

UAE recently signed a deal with breakaway republic of Somaliland that will see a military base established in Berbera and the city’s port reconstructed.

Somalia government protested the deal saying it was not consulted.

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